"Jamaica named by TripAdvisor as the Number One Caribbean destination!..2019
"Jamaica was fabulous. Lovely country beaches were perfect And the people were so laid back and welcoming and proud of their heritage rating 9/10, Rebecca T...2019
"It was our first time here and won’t be the last. Was a great place and the people were so friendly." rating 10/10, Stephanie S...2019
"Beautiful country with lots to see and do! " rating 10/10, Harry S...2019

"I went on vacation in May with Jamaica Adventures Travel Buddies.  The owner, Sherri, made sure we were happy and comfortable.  The trip was amazing and affordable, and we did not have to worry about a thing!  Our daily adventures were well planned and exciting.  This will be a vacation I will remember for a lifetime.  Thank you Sherri!"

K.Rollins of Virginia ... May 2019

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“ I’ve been to Jamaica on several occasions, always staying at big resorts and taking tours offered at the resorts, but this particular experience was the best by far!  I truly experienced Jamaica!  It was great being off the regular tourist trails.  We stayed at a quaint little Jamaican hotel where the staff was so friendly… they actually took the time to check with you to make sure you were comfortable.  We had one young lady in our group that was a little nervous about leaving the property to get something to eat, and one of the staff members actually walked with her! You don’t get that type of service at your big resorts.  Our private escorted tours were always on time, and we visited places most resorts don’t advertise.  Our tour guides/escorts were the best.  They took us to the mountains where we ate fresh fruit off the trees, and down to the beaches to eat dinner while enjoying the most beautiful sunsets, eating good fresh food, and having enjoyable conversations with the locals.  If you really want to experience Jamaica, I highly recommend Jamaica Adventures Travel Buddies!”  CDW of Florida … May 2019

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